Sunday, May 8, 2011

Josh Smith learns to cut to the basket

The Atlanta Hawks managed to contain Derrick Rose to even the series up at 2-2 heading back to Chicago.  Joe Johnson came out with confidence taking and making tough shots.  It stayed even throughout the game, but the edge went to Atlanta having Josh Smith play to his strength attacking the basket instead of waiting on the perimeter for jump shots.  His presence around the basket made a huge difference when the Hawks offense struggled.  Rose once again raised eyebrows, not only with his amazing plays, but also with the amount of shots he took.  The Bulls point guard went 11-32 from the floor leaving people wondering if the role of a point guard is still to pass.  Although it is clear that he is the best player on his team, the point guard on a team has to make plays for his teammates.  Boozer had his best game of the series, but the rest of the Bulls struggled with little confidence.  Most of Roses attempts were layups at the rim, which makes these shots much better than going 2-8 from the 3-point line in game 1.  But even if the Bulls win this series, they have some things to figure out in terms of their offense.


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