Sunday, May 8, 2011

Do pg's Westbrook and Rose take too many shots as point guards?

Has the role of point guard changed from distributor/playmaker to scorer?  Here are some statistics to think about.
Derrick Rose took 27 shots in game 3 and 32 shots in game 4.  He is 49-113 in the series vs. the Atlanta Hawks, the next most shots by any player on his team is 49 by forward Luol Deng.

Russel Westbrook is 25-65 in the series vs. the Memphis Grizzlies taking 26 shots in game 2 and 22 shots in game 3.  He leads his team in shot attempts, in second is the scoring champion of the NBA Kevin Durant with 62 shots in the series.  Durant is easily the best player and the leader of the Thunder.


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